How to use the Salesforce Automation

After you have Installed the Salesforce Automation you can now use it to automate adding recipient information from Salesforce to Alyce 1:Many Campaign and send the link out of any Marketing Automation Tool including Pardot. 


  1. Ensure Automatic Campaign Creation is turned on under Step 7 of the Alyce Administration Page: 
  2. Create an Alyce 1:Many Campaign. Steps to do so are outlined here: Getting Started: How to create an Alyce 1:Many Campaign
  3. During the Add Recipient steps click "next" at the bottom without choosing an option since contacts will be added automatically with the Salesforce Automation. 
  4. Complete the creation of the 1:Many on the next page this will then create a corresponding connected campaign of the same name in Salesforce.
  5. Set up a flow in Pardot or another Marketing Automation Tool that will pull campaign members from Salesforce and send them an email. 
  6. Take the link from the newly created 1:Many campaign and use it in a template that is sent out of the flow. 
  7. On Salesforce either automate recipients to move into the connected campaign or manually add them. Make sure they are under the same Campaign Member Status that you choose to look at in your Salesforce Automation settings.
  8. Recipient information will automatically flow from Salesforce to the Alyce 1:Many campaign that is connected, you can check recipients under the campaign settings here:

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