How to Archive a Team

The Archive a team feature is helpful when you need to reduce the clutter and remove teams you no longer need or that may have been created by mistake.

Step 1. Open list of teams

Step 2. Hover over the team row and click Archive from the actions dropdown.

After a team is archived all active campaigns and pending gifts are expired, recipients are no longer able to redeem them.


Can I access archived team's data?

Yes. Click Include archived toggle, to include archived team data into reporting.

Can I un-archive a team?

Yes, you can hover over the archived team and click Unarchive from actions dropdown.

Can I access the billing data of archived teams?

Yes. We keep billing data and transactions of archived teams.

What happens if a recipient tries to claim a gift? Will they see an error or be directed to the gift sender?

Archiving a team expires all pending gifts within the team. The recipient will see a note that the gift is no longer available, and be prompted to email the gift sender.

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