International Marketplace FAQ

Why create an International Campaign?

Alyce users have been able to send gifts to recipients in the US and Canada. We are now expanding opportunities for gifting to the United Kingdom and Ireland.

What countries are included?

We are launching with Ireland and UK Campaigns (England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland).

What gifts can I send?

Currently, Gift Cards and Choose your Own Donation are the only options available for the International Marketplace.

What types of Invites are available for International Campaigns?

Gift invitations may be sent via email or by generating a Gift Link. 

What type of campaign can I create?

You can create a Personal Gifting Campaign or an Activate Campaign. Swag items are not yet available for shipping internationally.

Can I create an International Campaign from Salesforce?

During the beta stage, International Campaigns must be created from the Alyce Dashboard. International Campaigns will appear in Salesforce, and you can initiate international gifts through the Alyce Salesforce Integration after the campaign has been set up.

How do I create a Personal Gifting - International Campaign?

Start by opening up the Campaign Settings from your Alyce Dashboard.

Click “Create new campaign”

Select “International Campaign” from the list of options

Name your campaign, and designate a Team and Campaign Owner to manage the campaign.

The Campaign settings will be familiar to you if you’ve set up a standard Personal Gifting campaign in Alyce. The available gift types are Donations and Gift Cards. Gift Invite options will be restricted to Emails and Generated Gift Links.

How do I create an International Activate Campaign?

Start as you would for a standard Activate Campaign. The difference will be that you must select the country. Activate Campaigns created for the UK or Ireland will restrict recipients to those countries in the Marketplace if they choose to exchange their gift.

Choose Donation or Gift Card as the Gift Type

Bulk upload a list, or use a Dynamic list from Marketo. Please note that recipients must all be located in the UK for a UK campaign, and Ireland for an Ireland Campaign.

Important notes for this beta:

Currency amounts will show in GBP£ for the UK.

Ireland gifts will be shown in EUR€ with the exception of Amazon cards, which are shown in GBP£.

At the time of gift creation, we will show an estimated cost in USD$. Currency exchange rates are constantly changing and actual costs are reflected accurately in your Billing Insights Dashboard.