International Marketplace FAQ

What countries are included?

We're adding new countries regularly. Your dashboard is updated automatically with the current list of available countries.

What types of gifts can I send?

Outside of the US and Canada, Alyce currently offers gift cards and donations for gifting in the Alyce marketplace. If you’re working with a kit or swag partner who offers international fulfillment, please check with your CSM and the Alyce Partners Team for details.

Where are your warehouses?

Alyce does not warehouse items but instead uses a network of suppliers with warehouses across the globe. 

What types of Invites are available for International Campaigns?

Gift invitations may be sent via email or by generating a Gift Link. 

What type of campaign can I create?

You can create a Personal Gifting Campaign or a 1:Many Campaign. 

Can I create an International Campaign from Salesforce?

International Campaigns must be created from the Alyce Dashboard. International Campaigns will appear in Salesforce, and you can initiate international gifts through the Alyce Salesforce Integration after the campaign has been set up.

How are items priced in the marketplace?

All prices for items in the marketplace are shown only to the gift sender and included the cost of the item, taxes, and shipping in US dollars. Please note that the cost of items does fluctuate slightly over time, often due to supplier pricing changes and exchange rate changes over time. We do our best to keep the displayed price as close to the charged amount as possible. 

Are shipping, taxes, and customs fees included in the pricing in the Alyce marketplace?

Yes, the Alyce marketplace pricing includes all applicable costs for sending a gift that Alyce charges for the gift. In some cases, a swag or kitting part

Are gift cards shown in the recipient's local currency?

Yes. Gift cards are shown to the recipient in their local currency. In addition, gift senders see the approximate USD value of a gift card when sending.

Are donation amounts shown in the recipient’s local currency?

No. All charities in the Alyce marketplace are certified 501c3 charities in the United States and donations are processed in the US, so we show the USD value of a donation to both senders and recipients.
Currency and Gift Costs:

For the UK, currency amounts will show in GBP (£).

Ireland gifts are shown in EUR (€) with the exception of Amazon cards, which are shown in GBP (£).

At the time of gift creation, we will show an estimated cost in USD ($). Currency exchange rates are constantly changing and the actual cost of a gift is reflected accurately in your Billing Insights Dashboard.

The exchange rate reflected in Campaign Settings is adjusted at 30-minute intervals. The amount charged to your Alyce account is based on the actual time of purchase.

How do I create a Personal Gifting - International Campaign?

How to create a multi-country Personal Gifting Campaign

How do I create an International 1:Many Campaign?

How to create a multi-country 1:Many Campaign

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