Navigating the Alyce Marketplace

The Alyce Marketplace allows users to browse gifts available to send through Alyce Campaigns.

Find the perfect 1:Many Gift, browse based on gift limits before creating a new Campaign, see if specific gifts are available in your parameters, test Campaign settings to see what exchange options will be available to prospects, or wee custom swag options created by your swag provider.

Let's explore the Marketplace!

To open the Marketplace, click "Marketplace" in the header of your Alyce Dashboard.

The default view is to show all products available to your Teams. Click the drop-down at the top of the page to view only the products available in a specific Campaign.


View a selection of products based on Filters. Use Alyce Interests and the search functionality to narrow the results further. 

Gift Types will show you all the gifts that fit the type of gift selected. Learn more about Alyce Gift Types.

Gift Limit Filters allow you to narrow the Marketplace results by gift cost. Please note: Gift cards will always show and send as the highest gift amount limit. You will not see multiple gift card denominations.

Filter by Brand to display only gifts for a particular brand.

Interests If you'd like to see what gifts an individual our AI has tagged with particular interests, narrow the Marketplace with Interests such as Outdoors, Family, Tech, and more. 

Search the Marketplace for favorite items. Know just what you're looking for and want to see more details? Search the Marketplace for a specific gift to see if it's available.

If not, let us know! We're happy to see if we can add it to our collection.

Country Our Marketplace offerings are different for each country. Preview a Campaign’s gift options by filtering by Country to see what is available. This is especially handy when setting a gift budget, since some products are priced differently when shipping and import fees are figured in. 

Note: A recipient can select their country in the Marketplace if they exchange a gift in a multi-country campaign. They will see only the gifts available for their selected country.

Updating your Campaign

Now that you have confirmed what gifts are available with your chosen filters, you are ready to adjust your campaign with this knowledge.
Read more in How to Edit Campaign Settings. Alternatively, you can create a new campaign with what you've learned.

Want Even More Options?

Create a Custom Marketplace to tailor your marketplace even more specifically to your recipients.