Alyce Custom Marketplace

Alyce believes strongly in the Power of Choice. But too many choices is just overwhelming! Create a Custom Marketplace to gift with a theme, make a curated gift selection, and provide a fun recipient experience.

Please note: The Alyce Custom Marketplace feature is currently only available for 1:Many Campaigns

Create a Custom Marketplace

Start by opening the Marketplace

Click the green button to the right to Create a New Marketplace

Set up your Marketplace in the settings panel. Don’t worry about making it perfect now, you will be able to edit it later.

Marketplace Details

Give your Marketplace a descriptive name, so it’s easy so select in future campaigns.

Add teams who can access the Marketplace. Only Teams listed here will see this Marketplace as an option when creating campaigns.


Custom Marketplaces can be set for a single country. Please note that if physical gifts are not available to a particular country, the Gift Budget for physical items will be greyed out.

Gift Budget

Physical gifts have a cost minimum and maximum. If a particular item doesn't appear in the next step, make sure the gift cost falls in the selected range.

Gift cards and donations have a single price range. Selecting $50 for example will result in recipients being presented only with $50 gift cards or donations.

Once your settings are saved, you will be directed back to the Marketplace where you can select gifts. 

Adding Items to the Marketplace

Add individual items by hovering over the image and clicking “Add to Marketplace”

Remove individual items by clicking “Remove from Marketplace”

To bulk add all gifts that fit your search parameters, click “Add All to Marketplace” and remove all current selections with “Remove All from Marketplace.”

Your Custom Marketplace is now ready to use in a 1:Many Campaign.

Using the Custom Marketplace

Navigate to your Campaign and click “Gift” in the top navigation bar.

Select “Use a Custom Marketplace” under “Gift Exchange Options.” 

Now, when a recipient exchanges their gift, they will see only the products in your Custom Marketplace.