Adding Alyce Components to Salesforce Page Layouts - Salesforce Classic

After installing and configuring Alyce for Salesforce, you'll want to ensure your page layouts are configured appropriately so your users get the most out of the integration.

Salesforce Admin, please be sure to consult with your internal Alyce Program Admin to confirm your business requirements.If you are working in Salesforce Lightning, please use this guide to set up your layouts.

What Alyce components and information are available?

Send Alyce Gift Button  (Required for gifting from Salesforce)
Allows Users to send an Alyce gift directly through Salesforce from a Lead and/or Contact record. Gifts related list
See the gift(s) that have been sent to a Lead, Contact, Account, Opportunity, or members of a Campaign, as well as view any gift data of your choosing.
Alyce Fields
Provides a subset of key gift data (name, date, status, URL) directly on the Lead, Contact, and/or Account layout.  For more information on the available data, see: Alyce Gift information on page layouts.
Alyce Gifts Visualforce Page  (Required when synchronizing campaigns and updating member status)
Applied to your Campaign layout to allow for confirmation of campaign synchronization and manual connection of Salesforce campaigns to Alyce. 

Add "Send Alyce Gift” Button to Contact & Lead Pages

Option 1: “Send Alyce Gift” Classic Action (Opens sending flow within same tab)

On a Lead or Contact, click Edit Layout.

Navigate to the “Mobile & Lightning Actions” section at the top of the screen, find the “Send Alyce Gift” action for Salesforce Classic (Name: alycecom_Send_Gift_Classic) and drag that into the “Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Experience Actions” section within the layout. 

Finally, click “Save” at the top left of the screen to save the changes to your layout.

Option 2: “Send Alyce Gift” Button (Opens sending flow in a new tab)

On a Lead or Contact, click Edit Layout.  Under Buttons, drag the "Send Alyce Gift" button into your Custom Buttons field in the Detail section and click Save. The "Send Alyce Gift" button should now appear on your page.   


Add Related List “Gifts" to your Lead, Contact, Account, Opportunity, and/or Campaign pages

On any Lead, Contact, Account, Opportunity, or Campaign page, click Edit Layout.  Navigate to Related Lists and find "Gifts". Drag the "Gifts” list into your Related Lists section of the page layout.

Use the wrench icon to access the Related List Properties to:
  • Remove the Salesforce Standard Buttons of "New" and "Change Owner".
  • Add any additional display fields desired. NOTE: Gift Number is the only value shown by default.  The full domain of available data is detailed here.
Click Save at the top of the picker box to finalize. The “Gifts” related list should now appear on your page.

Add Visualforce Page "Alyce Gifts" to Campaign Page

Click “Edit Layout” on your Campaign page.  Navigate to Visualforce Pages and add a “Section”.  Name it “Alyce Gifts” and click OK.

Find “Alyce - Campaign…” in Visualforce Pages and drag it into your newly created "Alyce Gifts" section. 
Note: We recommend turning on Scrollbars for this Visualforce page element - click on the wrench in the top right corner of the Visualforce element to modify. Save when finished.

When completed the page will either display that the campaign can be connected to Alyce or that it already is. For more on how to connect a campaign, please visit this page.

Campaign not connected.

Campaign Connected  

Add Alyce Fields to your Lead, Contact and/or Account Pages

On a Lead, Contact, or Account, click “Edit Layout”.  Navigate to “Fields” and drag a new section into the page. When the box pops up, name it "Alyce Gift Details” and click OK.

Select the applicable Alyce fields, highlighted below, from the picker and drag them into your newly created Alyce Gift Details section. 
Note: These fields should be set to Read Only to avoid any accidental updates to data. Save when finished.

Lead and Contact Fields

Account Specific Fields

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