Configuring the Alyce for Salesforce Integration - 1.89 and earlier

Updating integrations settings requires that you have Admin permissions for your Organization. Please reach out to your CSM for assistance if you do not see these options.

This instruction guide is for versions of the Alyce for Salesforce package 1.89 or less.  If you are configuring the Alyce for Salesforce Integration after December 2021 and have installed Package version 2.0 or greater please instead use our guide for  Configuring the Alyce Salesforce 2.0 Integration

Alyce Admin Panel Set Up

With the package successfully installed you can access the Alyce Admin Panel. If not accessing the panel during installation via the redirect step, you can search for "Alyce Administration Page" in the App Launcher (lightning) or + in Tabs (classic).

Configuring Admin Panel Sections

NOTE: All steps listed below require clicking the "Modify" button in each step's box to reveal the step in full.

Step 1: Security Settings
Provide Salesforce users with access to Alyce.
NOTE: You may see a red alert message in this section, highlighting that you need to add the permissions set for the integration user. Don't be alarmed! This step will perform that task.
Select "Add Alyce Permission Set For All Users" (and continue to Step 2)
Select "Custom Setup" to grant the Alyce permission set to the system administrator (yourself), as well as all users who will be leveraging Alyce. If you are unsure of who should get these permissions, please confirm internally with your internal Alyce champion. 

NOTE: Before Users can send an Alyce gift, they will separately need both an account and invitations allocated to them by your Alyce program Admin.

NOTE: The Alyce Permission Set is necessary for all users that will use the Alyce package. This permission set provides read/write access to all fields managed by the Alyce package, including Alyce fields on the Account, Contact and Lead objects. No additional action should be taken to set field level security and nothing should be set at the profile level.  To make fields read-only (recommended), please update the fields when configuring page layouts in Classic and/or Lightning.

For Custom Setup ONLY:

After clicking "Custom Setup", click on "Manage Assignments" in the resulting window.

Click "Add Assignments" to add the Alyce permissions set to specific team members or user types.

NOTE: Users already in the list have have the Alyce permission set. They do not need to be added. Check the box next to each user that should have the permission set, including yourself. Click "Assign"

Navigate back to App Launcher -> Alyce -> Alyce Administration Page to continue to Step 2. (If in Classic, use + button in Navigation to access Admin Page)

Step 2:  Alyce Authorization

Authorize Salesforce to make the connection with Alyce.
NOTE: You MUST provide Alyce with your Salesforce Org ID. If we do not have this, you will not be able to connect Salesforce to Alyce.
NOTE: For a Sandbox / UAT / QA installation, you MUST update your Alyce endpoint before proceeding.
NOTE: The User will need the Salesforce Admin profile, else the "Edit Authorization Setting" button will not appear.
Click "Edit Authorization Setting"
Open an additional browser tab. Navigate to the appropriate URL below dependent upon which Salesforce environment you are installing to.  If not already logged into Alyce, you will be prompted to do so.

Sandbox / UAT / QA :

NOTE: The Alyce sandbox is only accessible with credentials provided by your Alyce Solution Consultant or CSM.  Please notify [email protected] of any Users who require sandbox access.
On the resulting page click "Connect" On the resulting page, click "Generate a new key and secret". Copy the key and secret using the "Copy" buttons next to each box.  These will be pasted into the Step 2 boxes in the Alyce Admin Panel. 
Salesforce Key > Client ID
Salesforce Secret > Client Secret
NOTE: Do NOT close the Alyce window until you have successfully copied the Key and Secret to Salesforce.  The ability to copy is ONLY available upon generation / regeneration.
Click "Save Authorization Setting" and ensure the "Current status" field reads "Authorized".

Step 3:  Job Schedule Enable the scheduled jobs in Salesforce that Alyce uses to automate several processes. 

Click "Enable Scheduled Jobs" to turn on the jobs. Alyce creates a varying amount of automatically refreshing apex jobs based on availability in your apex job queue. Data can be manually synchronized outside of the scheduled batch by clicking "Synchronize all gifts".
Job run schedule:
Gifts - Every 5 minutes
Campaigns - Every 10 minutes  

NOTE: This sets the "Integration User", which can be changed at any time by clicking "Enable Scheduled Jobs" while logged in as the new user.  The Integration User will appear as the Campaign Owner for campaigns created automatically from Alyce (see Step 7).

NOTE: If the Automated Campaign Creation feature (Step 7) is not enabled, both of the campaign related jobs will correctly appear as "Stopped" for Status.

Step 4: Organization Settings

Configure the settings that enable the flow of data between Alyce and Salesforce.
Click "Edit Organization Setting" to make the desired selections.
Recommended selections:
  • Enable Account, Contact and Lead gift information updates based on gifting flow
  • Migrate gifts from lead to contact after lead conversion
  • Automatically add Alyce campaign member statuses to new Alyce campaigns

Check the desired boxes and click "Save Organization Setting" Settings descriptions:

  • Disable external connection of gift records to Salesforce lead/contact. 
    • Created gifts will NOT push into Salesforce. Required only if your company leverages Salesforce Shield Encryption, not recommended otherwise.
  • Enable updating of gift information in automatically created fields for Alyce within the Contact, Lead, and Account objects.
    • Authorizes Alyce to push gift information from Alyce into Salesforce in the listed objects. If you choose not to enable, no gift data will be pushed from Alyce into Salesforce on these objects, only the Alyce Gift object. 
  • Migrate gifts from lead to contact after lead conversion
    • When you convert a lead to a contact in Salesforce, any Alyce gift data associated with that lead will move to the contact record automatically.
  • Automatically add mapped campaign member statuses to new Salesforce campaigns. 
    • This is required if you plan to leverage campaign member statuses that are mapped to Alyce statuses to show performance of a campaign. Step 5 will help you set up the mapping.

Step 5: Automated Campaign Member Statuses

Allow Alyce to match your campaign status with the Alyce gift status.

  • Click "Edit Automated Campaign Member Status Setting"
  • Check "Enable campaign member status changes based on gifting flow"
  • Pair your custom Salesforce "Campaign Member Status" with the appropriate Alyce "Gift Status" 

NOTE: It is highly recommended that you create new Campaign Member Statuses specific to Alyce campaigns.It is unlikely your existing statuses will be a good fit.
NOTE: Any custom Salesforce Campaign Member Statuses need to be created before this mapping exercise. After those status are added to a campaign (could be a dummy campaign), they become available for mapping here in Step 5 of the Alyce Administration Page.
NOTE: Custom Campaign Member Statuses will be automatically added to any campaigns created in Alyce (synchronized to Salesforce) if Step 7: Automated Campaign Creation is enabled.
NOTE: We recommended setting your Default campaign member status in Salesforce to be your custom status that corresponds with "Gift is being researched".
EXAMPLE ONLY.  Please work with Alyce and your internal team to ensure the necessary statuses are created and mapped.
Don't know how to set up a custom Campaign Member status? 

Here is the list of Alyce Gift Status’s and what they mean:

Alyce Gift Status Definition
Gift is being researched Alyce gift created
More information needed Alyce needs more information on the recipient
Gift selections ready Gift options ready to be viewed
Invite email bounced Email was returned as undeliverable
Gift invitation sent Alyce gift invitation was sent to recipient
Invite delivered Alyce physical gift invitation was delivered
Recipient visited gift page Alyce gift invitation viewed by recipient
Recipient accepted gift Alyce gift accepted by recipient
Gift expired Alyce gift expired
Gift rejected Alyce gift declined by the recipient
Gift disabled Alyce gift disabled or deleted
Gift invitation scheduled Alyce gift invitation scheduled to be sent (ver 1.86+)

Step 6: Automated Lead Creation

Enable Alyce to create a lead within Salesforce when one does not exist to for a gift recipient.  
  • Click "Edit Automated Lead Creation Setting"
  • Check "Enable Alyce to automatically create leads in Salesforce when no lead or contact exists for a gift invitation recipient."
  • If your Lead creation has required fields, click "Add Required Field" and define the Default Value. NOTE: Alyce will automatically populate values for FirstName, LastName, Email, and Company.  No default mapping for those fields is required. 

Step 7: Automated Campaign Creation

Enable Alyce to create a campaign in Salesforce when one is created in Alyce.Click "Enable Alyce to automatically create campaigns in Salesforce"
  • If your Campaign creation has required fields, click "Add Required Field" and define the Default Value. 

Step 8: Gift Invitation Object Layout Setup

Step up the Alyce Gift custom object
The Alyce Gift custom object stores Alyce gift record information in Salesforce.  For more details on the components of the Gift Object, please reference this article.
  1. Click Deploy Metadata from Non-Certified Package Versions via Apex in the text
  2. Ensure that only the first box is checked.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Check the deployment status before moving forward by clicking the green button that reads "Gift Invitation Layout Set Up". The screen will indicated "Deployment Succeeded" and that the Source Name Prefix = alycecom.

Step 9: Setting Up Alyce Specific Layouts - Contact, Lead and Account

The last step of getting the Alyce elements into Salesforce is configuring the "Send Alyce Gift" button for the lead and/or contact record, as well as adding some of the Alyce gift object fields to the lead, contact and account records for reps to see information at fast glance.  

Please click the button in Step 9 as pictured below or visit "Adding Alyce Components to Salesforce Page Layouts" for Classic or Lightning to complete this important step.

Step 9:  Post Installation QA Testing - Make sure it's working! 

Follow the steps here to test your integration

Congrats - the Alyce Salesforce package is now successfully configured!